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Derek S. Clarke, born in Chicago in 1983, is a contemporary abstract expressionist artist whose work transcends conventional boundaries. His art is a vibrant translation of the colors inherent in sound—a translation born from his unique neurological condition known as Synesthesia.

Derek's fascination with art traces back to his earliest memories, where an innate connection between color and sound sparked a lifelong passion.

What sets Derek apart is his profound relationship with both color and sound. As he embraced the distinctiveness of his visual reality shaped by Synesthesia, his art underwent a remarkable evolution. Music, in particular, is a cornerstone of Derek's creative process. Each note, instrument, timbre, and tone unfolds as a distinct motion and hue in his mind, guiding his brushstrokes and palette choices.

In Derek's artwork, one discovers a symphony of contrasts—deliberate, minute strokes juxtaposed against bold spills, each element reflecting the intricate nuances of the sounds that inspire them. His ultimate aspiration is to extend his extraordinary visual and auditory experiences to others through his art, inviting viewers to perceive the world through his kaleidoscopic lens.

As well as painting consistently, I’ve worked as a graphic designer and animator for over a decade and have brought together a selection of development sketches, design outcomes and animations on this page.

Nothing is accomplished alone, here is a list of memberships and affiliate links: 

Married2Art Blog
The San Marcos Art League
Austin Visual Arts Association
Austin Creative Alliance

Artists in Texas

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