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Derek S. Clarke (Chicago, 1983) is best known for his contemporary abstract expressionist art which translates the color of sound that Derek both sees and hears interchangeably through his neurological condition known as Synesthesia.


Derek studied at the Art Institute of Austin in Texas, where he currently lives and works. He has been passionate about art since his first memories and has always had a unique relationship to color and sound. As Derek has learned to embrace the uniqueness of his visual reality his art has grown and evolved.


Music is an important part of Derek’s process. Because each sound, instrument, timbre, and tone have a unique motion as well as color, this informs his movements and color choice. You will see contrasting small intentional marks, bold spills, and everything in between throughout his work reflecting those sounds. Derek’s goal is to share this unique visual and auditory reality with others.

As well as painting consistently, I’ve worked as a graphic designer and animator for over a decade and have brought together a selection of development sketches, design outcomes and animations on this page.

Nothing is accomplished alone, here is a list of memberships and affiliate links: 

Married2Art Blog
The San Marcos Art League
Austin Visual Arts Association
Austin Creative Alliance

Artists in Texas

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